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FAQ - Eyelash Lamination

The effect of eyelash lamination typically lasts about two months, corresponding to the life cycle of an eyelash. After this period, the treated lashes fall out, and new ones grow in their place.

Although eyelash lamination is a relatively simple cosmetic procedure, there are some contraindications, such as allergies to the components of the products, eye diseases, and pregnancy. In these cases, it is advisable to refrain from eyelash lamination. Contraindications for the eyelash lamination procedure include: 1. allergies or sensitivity to components: if the client has a known allergy to the ingredients used in lamination products or in tint. 2. inflammatory eye diseases: such as conjunctivitis or blepharitis. 3. recent ophthalmic surgeries: it is recommended to avoid lamination for a certain period after eye surgeries. 4. chronic eye diseases: for example, dry eye syndrome or frequent infections. 5. pregnancy and breastfeeding: during pregnancy and lactation, it's advised to avoid lamination due to changes in hormonal balance and potential sensitivity to chemicals. 6. weak or damaged eyelashes: if the eyelashes are too weak or damaged, lamination might further weaken them.

The eyelash lamination process begins with a thorough cleaning of the eyelashes, ensuring they are free from makeup and natural oils. The next step involves carefully positioning the lashes onto a silicone roller, which aids in achieving the desired curve and lift. The lashes are then gently adhered to the roller. Following this preparation, a series of specially formulated solutions are applied in a specific sequence. The first solution (step 1) softens the eyelashes, making them pliable for shaping. The second solution (step 2) sets the lashes in their new curved position. Optionally, at this stage, the eyelashes can be tinted to enhance their color and depth. After the tinting, the procedure progresses with the application of a nourishing serum GOCCIA. This serum is specifically targeted towards strengthening the lashes. It works to repair any damage, lock in moisture, and reduce breakage, resulting in eyelashes that are not only beautifully curved but also soft, silky, shiny, and elastic. The final step involves the Lash&Brow Cocktail. This product is meticulously applied as the concluding treatment of the lamination service. Enriched with active plant-based ingredients, the Lash&Brow Cocktail imparts an additional layer of softness and luster, leaving the lashes looking fluffy, radiant, and feeling incredibly soft.

it is recommended to avoid makeup and contact with water during the first day after the procedure. After that, the lashes do not require special care, and mascara can be used, as the laminating composition penetrates the hair structure and is not destroyed by cosmetics.

There could be several reasons why a beautiful curl wasn't achieved during eyelash lamination. Some of the common issues include: 1. Incorrect Silicone Roller Selection: If the silicone roller chosen for the procedure was not suitable for the type of eyelashes, such as using LIFT TYPE for downward-growing lashes, it could result in an unsatisfactory curl. The success of eyelash lamination greatly depends on selecting the correct size of the silicone roller, which should match the length of the eyelashes; for instance, MAXYMOVA rollers are designed for lashes reaching 70-80% of the roller's length, ensuring a proper curl. 2. Improper Application of Products: The way products are applied during the lamination process is crucial. For instance, if the Step 1 is not left on for the correct amount of time, the lashes may not soften and curl as intended. 3. Incorrect Handling of Eyelashes: If eyelashes are not properly attached to the silicone pads or if they are handled roughly, it can lead to uneven curling or damage to the lashes. 4. Allergic Reactions: In some cases, an allergic reaction to the products used can also affect the lamination process, leading to an unsatisfactory curl.

If the desired curl wasn't achieved in the first eyelash lamination procedure, it's recommended to wait about 3-4 weeks before undergoing the procedure again. This interval allows the eyelashes to recover and minimizes potential damage from repeated chemical exposure. However, the exact waiting time can vary depending on individual factors, such as the condition and health of the eyelashes. While the effect of eyelash lamination typically lasts between 4 to 6 weeks, it's important to consider the individual characteristics of the eyelashes and follow post-procedure care recommendations to maintain optimal results. Each person's eyelashes have their own growth cycle, and the lamination effect will gradually diminish as the eyelashes naturally renew themselves.

The eyelash lamination procedure can be performed without tinting, focusing on enhancing the eyelashes' natural beauty by providing them with volume, length, and thickness. It is an option for those seeking a more natural look or for those who prefer not to use tints.

The recommended interval between eyelash lamination procedures typically depends on individual factors, such as the condition of the eyelashes and the desired maintenance level of the effect. Generally, the effect of eyelash lamination lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks, and it's suggested to repeat the procedure within this timeframe to maintain the desired results. However, if lamination is performed for recovery purposes after eyelash extensions, it is advisable to wait for about 1 to 2 months to allow the natural eyelashes to regain their strength and health. This waiting period ensures that the eyelashes are in optimal condition to receive the lamination treatment effectively and to avoid potential damage from frequent chemical exposure.

The choice of rollers should take into account the curvature of the client's eyelashes, the shape of the movable eyelid, and the presence of drooping eyelids. It's also important to analyze the client's initial data, including the direction of eyelash growth. Eyelashes can grow straight, downwards, or have their own curl. For instance, if the eyelashes grow downwards, CURL are more appropriate, whereas if the eyelashes already have a slight natural curl, LIFT rollers would be more suitable. If a client's eyelashes grow in multiple rows and there is a significant distance between these rows, it is better to use CURL rollers for the lamination process. If a client has deep-set eyes, it is advisable to choose LIFT rollers for eyelash lamination. Using CURL rollers in such cases may cause the lashes to touch the eyelids. LIFT rollers, on the other hand, provide a lift effect without creating excessive curl that might lead to discomfort during the growth phase of the eyelashes.

When selecting the size of silicone pads for eyelash lamination, it's important to choose based on the length of the client's eyelashes and the shape of their eyes. The eyelashes should ideally occupy a significant portion of the roller's length, approximately 70-80%. This ensures a strong, beautiful curl. If the eyelashes cover less than 50% of the pad, the resulting curl may not be as pronounced or appealing. On the other hand, if the eyelashes extend over 100% of the pad, there's a risk of over-curling the eyelashes, making them too tightly curled.

The most common mistakes during eyelash lamination include: 1. incorrect selection of silicone pad size: using a pad that's too large or small can result in an unnatural curl of the eyelashes. 2. excessive or insufficient application of solutions: uneven application of the products can lead to uneven coverage and weak results. 3. not adhering to the required processing time: too long or short processing time can affect the quality of lamination, making the lashes either too stiff or not curled enough. 4. careless use of glue: excess glue can lead to lashes sticking together, while insufficient glue can result in inadequate attachment of lashes to the silicone pad. 5. ignoring the client's lash condition: the natural length and volume of the client's lashes, as well as their overall condition, should be considered. 6. neglecting hygiene standards: improper sterilization of tools and workspace can lead to infections or allergic reactions. 7. insufficient consultation with the client: it's important to discuss expectations and potential limitations of the procedure to avoid client dissatisfaction. 8. improper post-procedure care: clients should be informed about how to care for their laminated lashes, including avoiding water and makeup for the first 24 hours.

Laminating light eyelashes offers several advantages: 1. Enhancement of color and shine: Lamination can make light eyelashes more noticeable, adding depth of color and natural shine. 2. Visual lengthening and thickening: This procedure helps light eyelashes appear longer and fuller, which is especially noticeable on light lashes. 3. Natural appearance: Lamination provides a more natural and less "dramatic" effect than eyelash extensions, making it ideal for light lashes. 4. Lash protection: Lamination coats the lashes with a protective layer, which can help protect them from external factors like sun and water. 5. Reduced makeup time: Laminated light lashes look more expressive, potentially reducing the need for daily mascara application. 6. Long-lasting results: The effects of lamination can last several weeks, which is particularly convenient for those with light lashes. 7. Easy maintenance: Laminated lashes require minimal care, which is convenient for everyday life. These advantages make eyelash lamination a popular choice among people with light lashes who want to enhance their natural beauty.

1) Lash&Brow Cocktail MAXYMOVA provides a powerful stimulating and protective action for hair, thanks to its rich formula of active plant-based ingredients. Biotin and vegetable keratin improve the quality and volume of the hair, while Hexapeptide-11 strengthens collagen and elastin. The biotechnological plant complex acts to protect and activate stem cells, reduce free radicals, and stimulate hair growth. Additionally, ingredients like DHQG, EGCG-glucoside, glycine, and zinc contribute to reactivating dormant follicles and promoting growth metabolism, making the serum particularly effective for damaged eyelashes and eyebrows. Ceramides help maintain proper hydration of the hair from within and protect it from external aggressions. They reconstruct the proteins of the hair fibre, making the hair stronger, shiny, radiant, and above all, soft. 2) Vitamin supplements: Vitamins such as biotin, vitamin E, and vitamin B promote the health of hair and eyelashes. 3) Hyaluronic Lash&Brow Serum - Intensive Care MAXYMOVA, a revolutionary no-rinse lash&brow serum that promises to revitalize and nourish your lashes. The advanced formula is designed to prevent breakage, increase lash density, and provide essential hydration to keep them vibrant and strong. The Hyaluronic Lash&Brow Serum is a specialised beauty product designed to nourish and rejuvenate your eyelashes. It contains a powerful blend of hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin F, Vitamin B5, keratin, and vitamin E, which is known for its ability to moisturize and hydrate skin, and other essential ingredients that promote lash growth and strength. 4) Dietary supplements with amino acids and omega-3: These supplements can improve the overall condition of hair and eyelashes. 5) Foods rich in proteins and fatty acids: A diet rich in fish, nuts, eggs, and greens can contribute to the health of hair and eyelashes.

Before conducting eyelash lamination, several preparatory steps are necessary: 1. Consultation: Discuss expectations, potential allergies, and the condition of the eyelashes with the client. 2. Cleansing: The eyelashes and eyelids should be thoroughly cleaned of makeup and skin oils. 3. Preparation of tools and materials: Prepare all the necessary tools and materials for the procedure. 4. Selection of silicone pads: Choose pads of the appropriate size to achieve the desired curl of the eyelashes. 5. Allergy test: If the client has never had eyelash lamination before, it is recommended to perform an allergy test with the products to be used.

The effect of eyelash lamination usually lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the individual lash growth characteristics of each person. To moisturize, nourish the lashes, and extend the duration of the lamination effect, we recommend our clients use products such as Lash&Brow Cocktail or After Lift Rigenerator after the procedure. These products are specially formulated to maintain the health and beauty of laminated eyelashes, helping to keep them hydrated and nourished, which contributes to extending the life of the lamination.

it's important to follow several key recommendations: 1. Use a cleansing mousse MAXYMOVA for eyelashes, which gently cleanses the lashes without damaging their structure. 2. In the morning apply Lash & Brow Cocktail or After Lift Regenerator: These products help to restore nourishment and moisturize the lashes. Apply them regularly to maintain the lamination effect. 3. Apply Hyaluronic Lash&Brow serum in the evening: This serum will provide additional hydration and nourishment to the lashes, enhancing the lamination effect

FAQ - Brow Lamination